Patented Inventions

(1) New Handbrake for Wheelchair / Double Brake
This new handbrake is a safety device which prevents wheelchair users from slipping down when go up the slopes and slowing down the speed when go down the slopes.

Download Leaflet of Double Brake
Dowload JC wheelchair User's Guides

(2) Slot Assembling Method ~ Slot Assembling Ramp
The "Slot Assembling Ramp" is mainly formed from two sets of telescopic metal tracks that ramp sections can be fastened securely through our patented "slot assembling method" without wellding, bolts or screws to be used. This "Slot Assembling Ramp" is lightweight, easy to set up and low in cost.

Download Leaflet of Slot Assembling Ramp
Download User's guides of Slot Assembling Ramp (Chinese version only)